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My name is Yago, I was born in Pontevedra on a hot summer day in 1990. I grew up happily in a neighbourhood of this small city. I belong to that generation that, despite having a game console and mobile phone, spent hours and hours playing in the town square with other children.

I learnt from this that the best things are done among many people and that sharing knowledge is the best way to learn from the others and become better.

After finishing my studies and having my first work experiences close to my birthplace, I decided to move to Barcelona and explore new opportunities, but I have always maintained a close connection to my origins.

Although during my professional career I have mostly held operational and management positions focused on people (whom we call clients) I have never abandoned my most creative skills and my passion for technology.

This portfolio is a reflection of this facet. Here you will find a summary of my work focused on solving some business challenges through design and technology with a base made up of my professional experience.

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Designing Customer & User People Experience

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